Record Storage

STORE MORE! Self Storage provides worry-free record storage options at very competitive rates (typically, LOWER than traditional record management firms).  Offering three types of economical record storage for both small and large businesses, STORE MORE! can meet your needs for archival storage in quantities as low as a home-based business with less than 100 boxes to a national corporation with thousands of files and material.
This is for illustration purposes only, and your prices may vary depending on location.

Record Storage Options

Monolith Storage
This is our most popular and economical archival record storage available. Typically, you never have to access your records, but for legal reasons (Sarbanes-Oxley) you may have to retain them from three to seven years. With monolith storage, the boxes are stacked upon each other up to 10 boxes high (using Fellows Bankers Box Liberty 00011 with a maximum of 750 lbs vertical load).

Access Storage
This type is for the businesses that need occasional access to their files or want to trade boxes in or out as needed. This is a highly organized method of storage without the high costs of retrieval fees. Your business saves by utilizing your own staff to place and retrieve files.

Shelves to Rent/Purchase
Shelves are available to lease or purchase for businesses that need occasional access to record files or document boxes. These shelves are equipped with commercial grade, 14-gauge steel with wood shelves and center supports.
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