Business Storage

When you own a home-based business, you may be working in a small house, condo or apartment and often find that your storage requirements can't be met by your current location, or that your garage is already filled to capacity. Maybe you have a large operation, but need the flexibility to expand and contract as your business does with warehouse space. The answer to your business storage problem could be the STORE MORE! Self Storage property just around the corner!

Self-employed plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and mechanics often have large equipment, tools and supplies they don't use every day, but they still need commercial storage that is easily accessible. When you start a job in a new area, you don't want to move your whole office and supplies to that location, and STORE MORE! Self Storage can help. A conveniently located storage unit can provide you with the extra space you need, easy access to your equipment or merchandise, and great organization.

Customer service is what drives STORE MORE! Self Storage to be a leader in the storage industry. Nothing shows our dedication to customer service more than our Commercial Business Manager, who specifically handles your business storage needs. Your business account manager will coordinate with you to ensure that all of your stowing requirements are met. And regardless of whether you need a single storage unit or multiple warehouse spaces over a local geographic area, STORE MORE! Self Storage will satisfy every requirement you have and more.

What's great about STORE MORE! Self Storage is you can use it as your business grows; from mini warehouse space for a growing home business to secure, climate controlled storage units for legal records and documents, each STORE MORE! location can provide you with the appropriate features that your individual business needs require.